about us

At Vienna Woods, we are motivated by a shared vision for inspirational design that can help people relax in style and comfort. We use our experience to create fashion-led products, without having to compromise on quality. Everything we produce at Vienna Woods has our personality stitched into the character of our products. Each product has been carefully chosen to complement one another, and offers our customers an experience, which is driven by our passion.



Our Promise
To build relationships with our customers, by using our experience to create fashion-led products, with no compromise on quality, service or attention to detail.


We value

  •  Each and every customer we meet
  • Functional and user friendly products
  • Fashion forward thinking
  • Knowledge, trust and friendship
  • Unique and original design


We are a brand that  specialises in product for independent and boutique stores.
With the backing of SlumberTrek, an Australian market leader in innovative lifestyle products since 1995, we’re confident that we can deliver premium products of exceptional value.
The experience and knowledge we have built as a supplier to major global retailers is evident in our relationship with you. We are committed to becoming your trusted partner and providing the range and support your business needs to meet the expectations of your customers.

With a robust supply chain and a deep understanding of the casual lifestyle market, we can be depended upon to deliver and back up everything we do with excellent aftermarket service and care.