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From the rooftops of St Jerome’s to the soft sands of Bells beach we asked the lovely Gemma about her Melbourne based outdoor furniture company.

Tell us about Vienna Woods, how did it all begin?

Vienna Woods is a brand that I started in 2015, with the support of SlumberTrek Australia. SlumberTrek is an Australian born business, who lead their market in designing and manufacturing lifestyle products. We began our journey together, and with the help of a couple of creative thinkers, we were keen to explore a boutique / independent range of products. I needed the products to have a fashion-led design focus, with no compromise on materials. Our desire was to launch with a range of affordable, quality and creative products. We work hard creating new fabric prints, while SlumberTrek guide us through the manufacturing process. This partnership gives us the confidence and building blocks to visualise our desire and produce the exact products we want to deliver.


What inspires your designs?

Our SS17 range was inspired by the outdoors. In each print we developed, we looked at the things in nature (urban and exotic) that gave us a memory of-a-time to sit back, relax and enjoy. We like to think outside the box and have enjoyed developing some stand-out prints for the SS17 range. Some ideas came from conventional trips, some from weekends away, and others from a time in the Borneo jungle! We’re believe a personal experience is a good primary source for design, closely followed by the trends of today and future forecasting from trusted sources. Our products and prints are designed and developed in our Melbourne studio, by our talented design team. We use traditional and tested printing methods on all our materials to achieve the rich colours necessary.


You have distinct product ranges, what influences the Bermuda range?

The personal experience for this print was city breaks, weekends away and exploring small towns/market places.  We teamed this experience with our love for black and white. The Bermuda print, a personal favourite of mine, came out on trend and has ingrained itself in the DNA of our brand. Black and white will always be a strong theme for our brand and we look forward to exploring this concept with a range of new ideas moving forward.


If a company would like to carry your goods, how do they go about it?

We created the brand with a clear focus on boutique/independent stores. We love exploring the high streets and side roads finding a new and unique products. We believe our products stand out, and we hope that they offer the same feeling to our new and existing stores who have come along on this journey with us. We took time to review our markets and listen to our customers. We saw and heard what they wanted, how they wanted it and what we could do to make sure we could deliver. We launched a brilliant user-friendly website;, that gives our customers clear navigation, accurate photography and the product information they need to make their purchases, all of this is backed-up by a robust supply-chain, a deep understanding of the lifestyle market and simply we deliver what we say. We also have an excellent after-service team, who support local business, and can be easily reached through the website, direct email or phone.


Where would you like to see Vienna Woods by the end of the year?

Our main focus is our business to business market, we have a clear focus on the boutique/independent retailers that have niche and unique products. We love to shop, so we’ve seen these stores flourish and we love the idea of building our community to help continue this. This is still early days for us at Vienna Woods, a hard part of developing this business, is there is still so much to do, so many new opportunities and influences, but keeping ourselves focused and determined has been the success of the brand. We have future plans to add a consumer face to the website, but we are currently reviewing buyer patterns and how consumers make their purchases, but we always go back to our promise of keeping our focus on our unique retailers.


By Ainsley